While we were sleeping…

…little known EU legislation has been passed that will outlaw the sale of natural foods, herbs, minerals and supplements from 2011.  In the US, similar legislation (Senate bill 510) proposes to ban the teaching of alternative healing methods and even criminalise the basic right to grow and trade your own food!  (Sounds too far-fetched to be true I know but look here.)

If you care about your basic freedom to choose what goes in to your own body, PLEASE join the campaign to prevent this madness!

This legislation has been driven through by those with power, who believe they are untouchable and always right, and motivated by fear (of what they don’t understand) and greed.  Wars were fought to supposedly keep us free from such as these and yet we are faced with this threat to our basic right to freedom of thought and action for our own health.

We teach our children that bullies should not be tolerated – let us not be bullied into this.

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