New technique – better results!

I am excited to announce that this month I have acquired an additional kinesiology technique to add to my repertoire! Polarity Reflex Analysis (PRA) helps your kinesiology session with me to go deeper and get even better results by working with your body’s priority for nutritional support.

The PRA system identifies those parts of the body that require nutritional support or detoxification and each area is tested against nutritional supplements, complex homeopathic tinctures or flower essences to find the optimum programme of products to take. So although it is primarily nutritional, the supplements used are selected to work at the level your body needs at the time.

The process of identifying each reflex that needs feeding also prepares the body to receive and target each supplement, so it’s important to take the products identified as recommended. Please note that these products are not ones I am able to supply within the session; you will be give all the information you need to order and take these afterwards. 

Having seen the potential of Polarity Reflex Analysis during the course, I am really excited about introducing this technique into my practice and helping you to achieve your health improvement goals even more quickly!

If you have any questions about this or any other aspect of the therapies I offer, please get in touch using this contact form.

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