EnergyDOTS Now In Stock!

Are you concerned about the possible effects of your mobile phone, home wifi or other electromagnetic fields on your or your family’s health? If so, PhiHarmonics – a UK company based in Devon – have one of the cheapest solutions on the market for this kind of problem: energyDOTs. See the link on the menu bar at the top of the page for more info.

Chris now has in stock the most popular energyDOTs, including biobands (with free electroDOT included) in medium and large sizes, all designed to help protect against electromagnetic fields.

ElectroDOTs fix directly to mobile phones and other electrical equipment.

BioDOTs are for fixing to the back of a watch, or the inside face of other jewellery worn regularly. The biobands provide a convenient alternative.

WifiDOTs are for fixing to wifi routers or cordless phone base-stations.

Prices: DOTs £25 each; Biobands (includes free electroDOT) £29 each.

If you are interested in any of these, either for yourself or for family or friends, please contact Chris at the usual email address (see the link “Contacting Chris” at the top left of this page).

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