PhiHarmonics, based in Devon, produce an innovative range of discreet devices designed to modify the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) – such as that emitted from a mobile phone, electrical appliances, etc – so that these fields no longer stress the body.  It’s easy to be sceptical of both the effects of electromagnetic fields on the body and the effectiveness of this type of product but by using kinesiology techniques, it is quite straightforward to assess whether you are adversely affected by EMFs and whether these products will be helpful to you.

In my experience the energyDOTS are as effective as other devices costing up to 10 times the price!

EnergyDOTs are shiny wafer thin 17mm low energy magnetic discs. The family of phi energyDOTs currently comprises the smartDOT, bioDOT, aquaDOT, and spaceDOT. Each of the DOTs in the phi family is programmed with its own unique energy signature for its specific role. All energyDOTs carry the CE Mark and the smartDOT is a registered class 1 Medical Device.

As well as relieving the negative effects of the technologies to which we are all exposed, phi energyDOTs are also encoded to optimise natural energy. These negative effects can include any or all of the following depending upon how electrosensitive a person is: headaches; insomnia; mood swings; low energy levels; anxiety; depression; unaccountable aches and pains; through to extreme distress in the presence of electromagnetic frequencies.

My confidence in using these products comes first from testing with my own mobile phone and finding the original electroDOT (now replaced by the smartDOT) changed my response. Originally, my muscle test weakened once the phone came within approximately an arms length of my body (presumably, once it came electrodotwithin my aura/ bioelectric field). With the electroDOT this no longer happened and neither did I become hypertonic (a state where the muscle remains strong when the normal response should be weakening).

What I found particularly interesting was that with the electroDOT, there was a ‘wobble’ in the muscle being tested as the phone crossed the boundary of my aura/ bio-electric field (where I previously had become weak). It then became strong again as the phone was moved closer to the body, so perhaps it is at this point that either the DOT adjusts the frequency of the phone to the body’s frequency, or the brain detects the disturbance in the bio-electric field but then identifies that the disturbance is not harmful.

My confidence in the DOTs was then reinforced by testing various clients with potential EMF issues and finding that where someone was being adversely affected by a mobile phone, etc (in one case, a police officer was affected by her radio), the addition of either an electroDOT or bioDOT always corrected the imbalance that had been found.

The smartDOTsmartDOT box

The smartDOT is the core of the energyDOT range. Programmed to harmonise or retune EMFs from all electronic devices, the smartDOT replaces and combines the specifications of the original electroDOT and wifiDOT, making electronic equipment easier and safer to be around. SmartDOTs can simply be attached to any electronic or cordless device, or inserted into battery compartments or phone cases if preferred (and size allows). Devices recommended include smartphones, DECT phones, wifi routers, laptops, tablets, smart-meters, wireless printers, handheld consoles and gaming controllers, baby monitors, etc.

bioDOT box 2015The bioDOT family

The other energyDOT that you could find particularly helpful is the bioDOT.  We all live busy lives in a high tech wi-fi world which challenges and compromises our health. Prolonged use of the computer and/or mobile phone, traffic jams, emotional challenges, are everyday stresses that affect our energy field (biofield).  The bioDOT is designed to rebalance and restore your energy levels. Designed to be worn, you can stick the bioDOT to a favourite piece of jewellery or the back of your watch (see also the Phi Luxe range below).  Wearing a bioDOT can bring greater concentration, better sleep, more energy, fewer headaches, and relief from stress.


biobands all colours Oct 15Instead of using a bioDOT, you could try a bioBAND, bioTAG or bioCLIP. Each of these products has a bioDOT recessed in them and so provide the same great benefits as described above. The bioBAND is available in white, blue or grey and in sizes small, medium and large, so is suitable for ladies, gents, older children and teenagers. The bioTAG and bioCLIP are available in either white, black, blue or pink and are an attractive, fashionable way of wearing a bioDOT. Each of these products helps to restore and rebalance your energy levels for improved vitality and biotag box merge SMARTDOTwellbeing, while also reducing the effects of electro-stress.

The bioBAND, bioTAG and bioCLIP are £35.00 each and come packaged with a FREE smartDOT worth £25.00.

The phiLuxe range

This comprises two attractive pendants for personal energetic balance, and a space clearing pyramid for harmonisation of your home environment. The Encoded Pendant and Phi Pyramid are designed to further enhance and extend the influence of the energyDOTs contained within.

encoded_pendant optimising_pendant Phi pyramid

For full details of all products or to view the independent research for these products, please click on the energyDOTs graphic in the footer of the page. Alternatively, contact me directly through this website (special offer of limited clearance stock of the original DOT range, including electroDOT and wifiDOT, still available).