Chris muscle-testing a client using the anterior serratus muscle.Are you fed up with the same old attitudes and opinions regarding your health and general well-being?

Do you want:

  • fewer aches and pains?
  • more energy?
  • better sports performance?
  • to feel great in body and mind?

Do you need help with:

  • physical pain
  • emotional stressESR points
  • organ imbalances such as bowel dysfunction, menstrual problems, etc.
  • effects of toxicity such as food sensitivities and intolerances
  • postural and movement problems
  • muscle function
  • co-ordination problems
  • sensory imbalances
  • fears, phobias and other limiting behaviours / belief patterns

Or are you just ready to experience a different approach to help you tackle the obstacles you feel you are up against in your life?

Whatever you feel you need help with, Chris offers an opportunity to work with all aspects of your being – physical, emotional & energetic – towards achieving your goals and restoring your body to its natural balance.

With a simple non-invasive assessment tool – muscle testing – kinesiology can help you to get to the root of a problem and discover what you need to help resolve it. More than just a natural way to identify food and chemical sensitivities, kinesiology focuses on restoring balance to the body, as shown in the video below.

A simple physical example is joint pain: pain can often be caused by the joint being slightly out of alignment due to distortion in the muscular ‘rigging’ surrounding it. By balancing the muscles supporting the joint, this pain can be relieved.

Homeopathy is a form of ‘energy medicine’ that has been used worldwide for over 200 years, where your symptoms and general characteristics are used to identify the most appropriate remedy or remedies for your condition. As the remedies used are non-chemical in nature, they are suitable for any age and any condition, including pregnancy, and cannot interact with any prescribed medication being taken.

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Then contact Chris to make your first steps in the positive direction of natural well-being.

Feel great in body and mind!

Chris Halls is a systematic kinesiologist and homeopath practising in King’s Lynn and Swaffham, Norfolk, UK. Chris is registered with the Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK) and the Complementary Medical Association (CMA).



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King’s Lynn clinic 2pm – 6pm


King’s Lynn clinic 10am – 6pm (alternate weeks)
Swaffham clinic 1pm – 5pm (alternate weeks)